Fraud – Con Artist – Convicted Criminal
Michael Sylver of Just Like Sugar

Michael Sylver

Member of Escoffier Society – Never worked a day in his life as a chef!
Shame on Escoffier for perpetrating this fraud.

Claims his Escoffier Plaque came with a 50lb solid gold frame!
Which puts the frame worth over a million dollars?

Claims his first order for JLS was for $17 million from Whole Foods in 2003
At that time Whole Foods only had 110 stores that have no storage.
That means each store ordered $154,545 worth of sweetener?

Convicted of fraud by the SEC

Is selling shares of Just Like Sugar for $300,000 each to mostly senior citizens who are female, widowed/divorced and what the SEC would probably consider "Unqualified Investors." The shares don't come close to equaling the value of the company Just Like Sugar, it's a Ponzi scheme.

Mike is always getting investors to put up money by promising events that never happen.

  1. Promises that first lady Michelle Obama would attend the Just Like Sugar, Inc. big event in Sept of 2013.
  2. Promises that Just Like Sugar will have an all-star event with A-list celebrities in Sept of 2013.
  3. Promises that all the school children in America would be mandated to watch Mikes show "Scare these kids straight."
  4. Promises that there would even be a show called, "Scare these kids straight" with William Shatner.
  5. Promises that celebrities would attend the Sept 2013 event such as:

a)Brad Pitt

b)Angelina Jolie

c)Red Hot Chili Peppers

d)Alice Cooper

  1. Promises to launch Fiber Up into schools.
  2. Claimed he bought the machine to make the caps for Fiber Up, but China won't ship it. Still no machine or caps.
  3. Mike claimed that the president of Kroger and the president of Walgreens was going to each be giving a check to Mike on stage at the Sept. event for millions of dollars each. Not only did Mike not have the event, those orders never happened.
  4. Of all these promises, none of them ever came true. In fact Mike never even booked the room or got so much as a flier for the event. He just used the story to bilk investors again.

Mike Sylver claims he's personal friend to movie stars

Mike claims that Brat Pitt calls him on a regular basis when he's drunk just to chat. Mike can't hold a conversation unless it's about him. Seriously, has anyone ever talked to this guy for an hour, where 99% of the conversation was about him?

Mike Sylver rips off 77 year old lady with Alzheimer's

Michael Sylver had a 77 year old lady named Gail Howard who is suffering with Alzheimer's disease to invest over $100,000 and then promised Gail that Michelle Obama was coming to the Sept 2013 event and Gail invested another $100,000 based on Mike's promise to produce the First Lady and introduce her.

Mike Sylver Photo Shopped picture with the Queen of England

Michael Sylver has a picture of one of his distributors, Michael Richman sitting on a balcony standing next to the Queen of England. But if you look closely you can see that Richman's head looks red because it's obviously photo-shopped. Mike shows this picture to all of his investors.

Mike Sylver claims Whole Foods gave him a check for $17 million for their first order

Right now Whole Foods has approximately 340 stores and Sylver says Just Like Sugar, Inc. is their #1 selling sweetener? If 340 stores just ordered 2 shippers per month at $201 each that would mean Whole Foods would be buying $136,680 dollars worth of product per month all by themselves, not counting any other orders from distributors, other big chain stores or ma and pa stores and doctors' offices. After seeing Just Like Sugar, Inc., Profit and Loss statement for 2012, $136,680 isn't a fraction of Just Like Sugars monthly revenue which only comes to a gross monthly income of $40,000.

In an article by Whole Foods Magazine published in November 2008, they talk about 19 other healthy sweeteners but never once mention Just Like Sugar? Why not? Why wouldn't Whole Foods talk about their #1 sweetener?

See article:

If Just Like Sugar is Whole Foods number one selling sweetener like Mike Sylver claims, how come they're never mentioned? When you call Jim Sud, Executive V.P., Growth and Business Development at Whole Foods and ask, "Is Just Like Sugar, Inc. your #1 selling sweetener?" His answer is no.

Mike wins lawsuits because he uses his victims own money to defeat them in court.

When you go to the Las Vegas court house and look up lawsuits against Michael Sylver or Just Like Sugar, Inc., you will find 8 or 9 lawsuits such as Irwin Bronstein, another elderly man whose story is so gut wrenching it brings tears to your eyes.
See attachment from public records

Mike stole senior citizen Irwin Bronsteincredit line and borrowed against it and when Mr. Bronstein found out, Mike used Bronstein's' own money to beat him in court and Bronstein couldn't defend himself because he was broke and destitute after what Mike did to him. Mike stole his entire retirement money, years of hard work gone up in smoke.

Allegedly all Mike does is dangle the carrot of something big coming soon to get investors to put money in a company that is pretty much making payroll with investors' money, not proceeds from sales.

Mike claims to own land in the Amazon jungle as big as Texas

Mike claims to be replanting the rainforest and is raising money by promising that your $40 will pay for a planted tree on another continent. There is never any proof that even one tree has ever been planted. This is a scam to fill Mikes' pockets.


Michael Sylver's investors should get together and figure out how to kick Mike out of the company and put in real management.